tricks for fast decimals

here addition to decimal add them up and down with laft or right side step3 omit the points step4 if we are gonna add 78.3+2.031+2.3245+9.2 take points is one place step5 add them step6 let’s take another example with 0.004+6.32+1.008+3.452 step7 let’s take another example step8 now tried to subtraction with decimals if there is…

Durga puja 2022 dates

Name of the Day Day Date Mahalaya Sunday 25 September 2022 Maha Panchami Friday 30 September 2022 Maha Sashti Saturday 01 October 2022 Maha Saptami Sunday 02 October 2022 Maha Ashtami Monday 03 October 2022 Maha Navami Tuesday 04 October 2022 Vijaya Dashami Wednesday 05 October 2022 Durga puja 2022