tricks for fast digit sums

here is a step by step tricks to fast digit sums

first, we know what is digit sums

like 11 digit sum is 1+1=2,

29 digit sum is 2+9=11,1+1=2,

568 digit sum is 5+6+8=19=1+9=10=1+0=1

so 1 is the digit sum of 568

in this picture, you can see some example

in this method, we simply cast out 9 and digit adding up to 9 whatever remains, we add them up and that gives us the digit sum of the number

for example

1 we have to find the digit sum of 8154912320

we will cancel 8 and 1 because they add up to 9, we will also cancel 5 and 4, because, they add up

to 9 again, then we will of course cancel the digit 9

so our sum looks like 12320

so the digit sum becomes 8

2 let’s take another number 970230612

we will cancel 9,7,2,3,6

our sum now looks like 12

1+2= 3,3 is our digit sum

let’s start with addition, taking 734+352

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