tricks for quick multiplication

the base method of multiplication

the method of multiplication is used to multiply numbers very close to the power of 10,100,1000,10000 and so on

so let’s kick off with the sum 9*8 now we all know that the answer is 72

first, we should learn the small number then we will try for a bigger number

step 1

take a box like this and write them


then here the closest number is 10 so

when 10-1=9,and 10-2=8

so write -1 and -2 on the right-hand side


The next step is to cross-play


in this case, every time comes the same number so take one of them,

so that we take 7


On the right-hand side, you can see that and multiply them

here -1*-2= 2

so take the first 7 and the next is 2 and join them

so here is the answer 72

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